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X-rite gråskalor och färgtoner

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Large Greyscale and Colour Separation Guide


Large Greyscale and Colour Separation Guide - quality and accuracy in image reproduction


The Large Greyscale and Colour Separation Guide is a Q14 equivalent quality control device for photographers, printers and other colour professionals. The twenty-step Greyscale offers an accurate, easy way to compare tonal values in an original image with its reproduction, while the set of eighteen colour patches (two saturations of nine colours) allows users to compare the colour of their subject with known printing colours.


Colour Confidence recommends users replace their Large Greyscale and Colour Separation Guide on a regular basis to maintain accuracy.


  • Identify colour separation negatives and positives for colour reproduction processes.
  • Suitable for copywork, side-by-side film comparisons and colour reproduction processes using masks, separation films and filters.
  • Compare reflected tonal values of the originals with the values of a reproduced image
  • Identify, measure and control captured and reproduced images to compensate for changing conditions
  • Determine values for plotting tone-reproduction curves
  • Contains standard separation colours used in RGB and CMYK processes
  • Each card measures 76mm x 356mm



Colour Control Patches (eighteen patches - two saturations of each of nine colours) on an 18% neutral background

Grey Scale (20 steps in 0.10 density increments between 0.05 [white] and a practical printing black of 1.95 density)


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